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BD-3452+2543 is a black dwarf star.

BD-3452+2543's Data

Star's Information
Age 121 billion years
Type Black Dwarf
Planets No
Number Of Planets 0
Diameter 12,400 km
Mass 333,000× that of Earth
Surface Temperature 6K
Spectral Type H2
Core Temperature 432K
Distance From Centre Of Galaxy 2,231 light years
Orbital Period 6,700 years
Surface Gravity 333,000× that of Earth

History of BD-3452+2543

About 121 billion years a yellow dwarf star formed from a decent sized nebulae, the same size and mass of the Sun it burned their fuel of hydrogen until abour 10.8 billion years later when it started to run out of Hydrogen and they started to contract under gravity until their cores reached 180,000,000 F and started to burn Helium into Carbon and Oxygen with this new source of energy they started to balloon out to red giant stars and stayed that way for about 80 million years until it ran out of Helium and started to puff out it's outer layers into a planetary nebula and it's core contracted under gravity until electron degeneracy pressure kicked in stopping it's contraction at about 12,400 km in diameter. This white dwarf star slowly cooled off and about 300 million years ago it stopped shining and became a black dwarf star which it is now.