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BD-3478 is a Black Dwarf Star that formed 118 billion years ago from a nebula. It then became a Yellow Dwarf Star the same size and mass of the Sun.10.8 billion years later it became a Red Giant and engulfed and  destroyed a third of its planets leaving the system with only 4 planets. 1.9 billion years later it runs out of helium and starts to shed it's outer layers and it became a planetary nebula the core became exposed and with it no longer being able to fight gravity, the core collapsed to the size of the Earth and became a White Dwarf. 100,000 years later the nebula dissipates and the White Dwarf begins to cool slowly it surviving planets are barely held by it's gravity, 1 of them drifts away into interstellar space 5 billion years later. 100 billion years later it stops shining and it surface becomes almost the same freezing temperature of space it is now a Black Dwarf it can only be detected very faintly by very little infrared diffrences between space and it's surface, its remaining planets are even harder to detect because they are even colder than the BD-3478. It is starting to suck in a White Giant star's matter onto it's surface, and it's causing the Black Dwarf to start to slowly shine again it will become a White Dwarf again in 2 months, for the first time in 6 billion years it's surviving planets are slowly becoming visible again and one of them surprisingly still has a atmosphere..