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Age 110 Billion years
Type Blue Dwarf
Diameter 345,900 miles
Mass 0.47 times the mass of the Sun
Surface Temperature 14000° F
Spectral Type A2
Orbital Inclination N/A
Core Temperature 167000000° F
Distance From Centre Of Galaxy 11,000 light years
Orbital Period 53,000,000 years
Surface Gravity 0.6 times that of the Sun
BD-5556 us a Blue Dwarf Star about the size of the Earth it formed as a Red Dwarf 110 Billion years ago it recently started to run out of Hydrogen so It's contracting and becoming hotter it surface temperature is now 24,000 °F and its rising it has only 2 planets around it and they both have life on them; This star will become a White Dwarf in about 4 Billion years and when it dies it will simply just blink out of existence.