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BD-6969 is a ancient Black Dwarf Star that is about 400 billion years old. It once was a star like our Sun buring Hydrogen into Helium, but about 393 billion years ago it started to turn into a Red Giant engulfing 4 out of its 11 planets. It was now fusing Helium into Carbon and Oxygen. By the time it was about 11.9 Billion Years old it started to become unstable and blow off is outer atmosphere. By about the time it was 11.97 Billion years old it had become a White Dwarf Star, slowing radiating away and becoming dimmer and cooler. By the time it was 188 billion years old it had become a Black Dwarf Star and it was no longer visible in the night time sky it was now only detected by weak gravitational waves that it is still using to keep its remaining planets. Currently it's temperature is just 3K which is just above absolute zero, it might in a couple thousand years start interacting with a Blue Giant Star and might become visible again and if it does its planets that have not been detectable in hundreds of billion of years will finally become visible again.