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Exprosont is a spiral galaxy aproximatly 50 milion light years from the Milky Way. It seems like every normal galaxy, but it has severy temporal anomalies.

General Information

Exprosont Galaxy
A star in Exprosont


80 000 light years


7 billion years

Inhabited planets

1 500 000

Star Belts


Black Holes

14 found

The galaxy is a medum size, with 80 000 light years in diamiter.It posses several Star Belts, arranged in age.Older stars are in belt 5 while the newer are new to the center in belt 1.

Exprosont is also populated by numerous inhabitans,a warp civilzation called Morns, and several industrial civilizations. Reports claim that there are even more planets with strange vegetation.

Temporal anomalies

The Exprosont is covered with all kinds of strange anomalies, that seems to be fracture in the space-time.These include death nebulas,planets that have the gravity pull of an star, and more.

Binary Pulsar 2 to 1

The Binary Pulsar made from 2 coliding

One of the strangest anomaly is located 20 000 light years from the center. It is an BInary pulsar that was made from 2 pulsars coliding.Usually this would cause an supernova and a Black hole creation, but in this case temporal field 2356 prevented the disaster.

Gravity issues

Temporal field 1000 through 2233 have a strange impact on gravity. It seems to disable or increase the gravity of certan space objects. This has cause temporal field 1567 through 2000 to consist of huge asteroid belts, while the stars are alone, since they destroyed their planets.

Also,many moons or sister planets crashed into the other planet. 
Planets Colide Together

Planets coliding

This has exteriminaited the Exprosonts on Sigma Andora, the home planet of the first race in the galaxy