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GA-0023 is a elliptical galaxy 19,300,000 light years away from earth.

GA-0023's Data

Galaxy Information
Age 9 billion years
Type Elliptical Galaxy
Diameter 72,000 light years
Super Massive Black Hole Mass 1,100,000× Sun
Number Of Stars ~42 billion

GA-0023's Future

  • Timeline
    • Around 12 billion years from now it'll merge with a similar size elliptical galaxy causing the dust and gas in them to heat up causing supernovas to be more frequent.
    • 90 million years later the two super massive black holes will merge together and will increase it's size by 40%.
    • 1.7 billion years afterwards the merged galaxy will settle down and it's combined diameter will be a little less at 68,000 light years in diameter due to some stars being flung off from the merger, and some being flung into the super massive black hole.
    • Far into the future starting at 850 billion years into the future due to stars dying and recycling only a little bit of stellar matter back into space, all the other stars have died off except the red dwarf stars, but for them too time is running out.
    • Around 190 billion years later the last red dwarf star blinked out of existence, all that is left now is the degenerate stars such as: White Dwarfs, Neutron Stars, and Black Holes.