Planet's Information
Age 200 million years
Type Terrestrial
Habitable No
Diameter 11,135 km
Mass 0.94 Earths
Surface Temperature 77° F
Core Temperature 11,975° F
Orbital Period 379 days
Surface Gravity 0.94 times that of Earth
Distance From Star 69,009,112 km
Atmospheric Composition 90% Oxygen, 10% Nitrogen


  • 200 million years ago: Heratalia was formed from two planetesimals colliding together that were both roughly half of its original size.
  • 150 million years ago: It developed a very thick atmosphere 1.5 times thicker than Venus in our solar system.
  • 100 million years ago: It drifted a couple million kilometers closer to its star from roughly 71 million kilometers to about 69 million km.
  • 50 million years ago: A large 100 km asteroid hit it causing major eruptions adding to the already thick atmosphere.
  • 10 million years ago: Not much change during this time.
  • 1 million years ago: The first colony from a nearby star system started to terraform the planet.
  • 100 thousand years ago: Terraforming continues and high altitude rain begins to form in the atmosphere but doesn't reach the surface.
  • 50 thousand years ago: Teraforming is at 70% completion and the colonization process starts to spread rapidly across the planet.
  • 1 thousand years ago: More life begins to develop on the planet. The colony reaches 1.9 billion in number from a measly 100,000 they started with 990,000 years earlier.
  • 1 hundred years ago: The colony starts to decline a little in number due to disease.
  • Present: Life flourishes on the planet.