Binary Star's Information
Ages 2 billion years
Types Black hole and a White Dwarf
Planets None - they can't possibly exist here!!!
Number Of Planets None!!!
Diameters 12 km (white dwarf) and 1500 km (black hole)
Masses 5 suns (white dwarf) and 1700 suns (black hole)
Surface Temperatures 100,000 C (white dwarf) and Infinite (black hole)
Spectral Types +12 (white dwarf) and -9 (black hole)
Core Temperatures 540,000 C (white dwarf) and unknown (black hole)
Distance From Centre Of Galaxy
Orbital Period Around Each Other 12 years, 7 months, 12 days and 17 hours
Orbital Period Around Centre Of Galxy 12 million years
Distance Apart From Each Other 217 million km
Surface Gravities 144g ( white dwarf) and infinite (black hole)

The Hyperactive black hole X771-359 star system is based up of a black hole, and a white dwarf star. They are 2 billion years old, and are located at the center of the Milky way Galaxy, taking 12 million years to orbit around Cygnus X1, the radio source at the very core of the galaxy. This explains the 1705 suns of weight that have continued to elude scientists for decades, now. Though it doesn't account for much of the missing weight, it is a start to discovering the hidden mysteries in our galaxy.