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Star's Information
Age 10.9 Billion Years
Type White Dwarf
Planets No
Number Of Planets 0
Diameter 13,354 km
Mass 1.3× Of The Sun
Surface Temperature 13,587 F
Spectral Type D2
Core Temperature 245,000 F
Distance From Centre Of Galaxy 1,300 light years
Orbital Period 11,000 years
Surface Gravity 333,000× That Of Earth
This is a White Dwarf star it formed from a star the same size and mass as the Sun it formed 100 years ago from it's Red Giant phase after it shed it's outer layers and became a Planetary Nebula it will turn into a Black Dwarf in 100 billion years. It also engulfed and destroyed half of it's planets leaving it with only 3 planets left. It is starting to suck in a Blue Giant Star the matter hitting the White Dwarf is heating it's surface up by 3,000°F the White Dwarf is now 16,000°F and rising it will have sucked in the Blue Giant Star completely in the next 34,000 years, and will do a Type 1a Supernova.