Mini Black Hole Felix

Mini Black Hole Felix at peak intensity.

A mini black hole is the name for an extreme type of vortex which forms when two infinite storms collide. One infinite storm would slide underneath the other one, and would suddenly start to spin. The spin increases the density of the object, therefore sucking in any light into its core. The object would remain dark, with only its bright core exposed. The object is termed as a mini black hole. Usually storms at this severity has a minimum pressure of less than 0 mbars. As they move towards land, they instantly flatten anything in their path. If you experienced a mini black hole, you would only see a couple of flashes, a long, bright flash and darkness for a few dozen seconds. Although a mini black hole would last only a few dozen seconds on land, the results would be devastating and/or catastrophic. It even has a chance of destroying the universe!

However, if there are more than two infinite storms, the spin would be so rapid, the density of the object would increase to critical levels and would create a theoretical black hole. However, this is only a hypothesis. But there is more and more evidence about it. This will probably never happen though, because mini black holes themselves are very rare.