Star Color


Star's Information
Age 10.9 Billion Years
Type Red Dwarf
Planets Yes
Number Of Planets 1
Diameter 13,354 km
Mass 0.15× Of The Sun
Surface Temperature 2,999 F
Spectral Type C
Core Temperature 18,100,000 F
Distance From Centre Of Galaxy 10,879 light years
Orbital Period 19,123 years
Surface Gravity 16.35× That Of Earth


Olaria was formed from a nebula about the size of our solar system about 3 billion years ago. 10 million years later Olaris was formed from left over material. Olaris orbits within its small habitable zone of 0.5 AU from the star.


In 75 billion years Olaria will have run out of hydrogen in its core and will simply blink out of existence into a white dwarf star. Life on Olaris will have become extinct due to the significantly less output from Olaria.