RG-2437's Data

Star's Information
Age 11.2 billion years
Type Red Giant
Planets Yes
Number Of Planets 3
Diameter 157,431,876 km
Mass 1.02× Sun
Surface Temperature 4,200° F
Spectral Type M5
Core Temperature 181,000,000° F
Distance From Centre Of Galaxy 1,800 ly
Orbital Period 53,000 years
Surface Gravity 1,450,000× Earth


RG-2437 was born from a planetary nebula 11.2 billion years ago. From the nebula 3 planets formed along with the star. For the next 9.8 billion it was fusing hydrogen into helium until it ran out of hydrogen. It then started contracting until its core superheated to 181,000,000° F hot enough to burn helium into carbon and oxygen, this new source of energy started puffing out it's outer layers. It became cooler and redder with it's surface temperature dropping to 3100° F. Over the next 1.4 billion years it slowly expaned to be about 2.1 AU in size engulfing and destroying 2 out of it's 3 planets.