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This object is a triple star system 55,000 light years from Earth. The system consists of one O-type Supergiant star, one red dwarf, and a white dwarf. There is a single planet in this system nicknamed "Youmi" (Japanese for "Hell"). The reason for this is that it is in an extremely tight orbit around the O-type star. It is almost certain that Youmi is nothing but a ball of molten rock and metal, blasted by intense radiation. Youmi also has only localized magnetic fields, which adds to the hostility of the planet. It is possible that another planet is in the system, but it orbits the red dwarf. The (barely noticeable, thanks to the O-type star) dimming from the red dwarf suggests that it is about the same distance from its sun as Youmi's, but it is very likely that, if it exists, bears some form of life. The system has a disk of debris much thicker than our own solar system's Kuiper belt. It is likely that this is caused by planetary orbits getting thrown into chaos by the O-type star and the red dwarf entering a 2-1 orbital resonance around the centre of mass. Youmi and the possible red dwarf planet appear to be the sole survivors of this apocalyptic event.