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The Viper Galaxy is a special type of galaxy.It shape is perfectly round.It is aproximatly 23 milion light years from the Milky Way, coming into telescope range every 256 milion years.

The galaxy is seperated into 4 quadrants and 1 sub-quadrant at the center of the galaxy. At the border of each quadrant is a nebula,and strong gravitational forces.

Unlike most galaxies,older stars are in the center,while newer stars are in the outer sections.As they grow older,their trajectory alters towards the center. No one has explained why. The older stars explode in supernovas in the center,proving that there is no black hole in the center, but that the galaxy is powered by the supernovas.

The galaxy was created about 11 bilion years ago,making it a very old galaxy.Most of the stars are 1-7 bilion years old, while the oldest star is Cripton at 10 bilion years old, unable to go to the center because of the space-time altering properites of the Black Canyon passage, an area of unstable space.

The Viper Galaxy has a pair of wormholes-they are set at the very edges of the galaxy.