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WD-2332+2347 is a white dwarf star with no planets orbiting it.

WD23332-2347's Data

Star's Information
Age 6 Billion Years
Type White Dwarf Star
Planets No
Number Of Planets 0
Diameter 14,326 km
Mass 1.3× that of the Sun
Surface Temperature 14,432 F
Spectral Type D0
Core Temperature 198,000 F
Distance From Centre Of Galaxy 3,000 Light Years
Orbital Period 34,453,443 Years
Surface Gravity 333,000× that of Earth

WD-2332+2347's past

About 6 billion years ago a nebulae formed that formed just a white giant star about 1.3 times the mass of the Sun, however being so massive it started using up it's energy more rapidly than a low mass star or a lower mass medium star would and about 3 billion years ago it started to run out of hydrogen and it's core heated up tremendously as the star started to contract and when the star's core reached 180,000,000 F it started to fuse Helium into Carbon and Oxygen and started to balloon out into a Red Giant, but once again the initial mass of the star caused this to be short lived as well, about 8 million years later it ran out of helium and started to puff out it's outer layers into a planetary nebula and it's cored started to contract under gravity until Electron Degeneracy Pressure kicked in and it stopped contracting with a diameter of 14,326 km, it slowly cooled off from a surface temperature of 16,000 F to about 14,432 F where it is at today.

WD-2332+2347's future

  • In about 110 billion years it'll have lost enough of it's radiant energy from it's lifetime of energy from when it was a Main Sequence Star to a cold dead black dwarf star and it'll stop shining altogether, and it's surface temperature will be just 2K, a couple degrees above absolute zero.