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XZ-3048 is a neutron star.

XZ-2348's Data

Star's Information
Age 135 million years
Type Neutron Star
Planets No
Number Of Planets 0
Diameter 12 km
Mass 1.9× Sun
Surface Temperature 42,000° F
Spectral Type N/A
Core Temperature 354,000° F
Distance From Centre Of Galaxy 1,200 ly
Orbital Period 1,900 years
Surface Gravity 1,450,000× Earth

History of XZ-2348

XZ-2348 formed 135 million years ago from a nebulae as a blue giant star. Since it was more massive than the sun at 1.9 times the mass of the sun it burned it's fuel more quickly than the sun would even though it had more fuel to burn. Around 21 million years later it used up its hydrogen and started to fuse heavier and heavier elements until it got to iron, when it used up the elements the massive core of iron started to collapse under gravity because the star ran out of fuel to fuse it collapsed further from a white dwarf to a neutron star when electron degeneracy pressure failed and the electrons smashed into protons creating neutrons this held the star up from collapsing into a black hole. The star then went supernova destroying the star. What remained was a 12 km sphere of neutrons glowing brightly called a neutron star which it is today.