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YGS-3400 is a Yellow Giant star 88 times the diameter of the Sun it is currently becoming a Red Giant it will become a Orange Giant in 3 million years and then a Red Giant in 25 million years it is currently about to engulf and destroy its first planet whose name is Hermes in about 2,000 years It currently has 7 planets orbiting it and about 3-5 of them will be destroyed by it 3 of them are Earth-sized terrestrial planets with life and liquid water and Nitrogen and Oxygen rich atmosphere the other 4 are Gas Giant on the fringe of becoming Brown Dwarfs they all are 59 times the size of Jupiter 2 of them will become Low-End Brown-Dwarfs in 2,000 years and they will begin to fuse Deterium, two of the near Brown Dwarfs are about to merge in 30 years and when they do the resultant object will become a High-End Brown Dwarf 0.0799 times the mass of the Sun and it will start to fuse Deterium and Lithium.